This is an archive of our October 12th 2018 event hosted by DoES Liverpool. This half day event explored the UK maker movement, the future of maker communities and selling as and to makers.

10 years after the start of the ‘maker movement’ where are we in the UK? Is it easy to make it as a maker or harder? With the focus on startups and the dependancy to Instagram’s algorithms, what are the challenges for a maker today? And how does a community rally around these challenges?

Post-event documentation:

Blog post by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (Medium)

Watch the videos of the talks.


The event was co-curated and organised by designswarm and McQN Ltd  and catering provided by Squash Nutrition.


14:00 Introduction to the day by our MC



Hello from Liverpool City Region, Local Growth Hub

14:15 Stories of Scale

A panel discussion on the realities behind going from 1 to thousands of products. We’ll invite speakers who have experienced this organically, with crowdfunding and with venture funding.


15:15 Maker vs. Makers

A panel discussion on what makes a more compelling story: the lone craftman/woman or a community? With mixed fortunes for maker spaces across the UK, can we sustain both?


16:15 Manufacturing and making

A panel discussion on what happens when large scale manufacturers imitate makers and when makers professionalise their operations. What is the role of authenticity in this dynamic?



17:15 Makers as a market

What does it mean to sell to makers of all ages. We’ll invite small businesses, startups and large scale distributors to share how they see the ‘maker market’ and where it might be heading.

Speakers: Kat Braybrooke (University of Sussex), Paul Beech (Pimoroni), Oliver Brunt (Eagle Labs)



18:00 Closing comments


Many thanks to our fantastic sponsors for making this event possible.